Pipo Box Support

These are the procedures of installing the driver and upgrading the firmware

1. Download the USB driver and firmware burning tool RKBatch tool from the link.

2. Install USB driver, unzip the folder and click and run DriverInstall.exe. You need to confirm the drivers installation.
 (This will take a minute, if it just takes a few seconds, the driver installation may fail)
 (We found the driver installation failed in most Win 8 notebook for unknown reason, the installation should work better in Win 7/XP 32 bit PCs)

3. Unzip the RKBatch folder and run the RKBatchtool.exe.

4. Hold the recovery button of the mini PC while connecting the power and USB cable from USB port 2 of mini PC (not port 1)  to PC.

5. The first box will show green if the mini PC is ready for firmware installation.

6. Download the firmware. Unzip the zip file and get the img file. 

7. In RKBatchTool, choose the img file. then click restore.

8. When the firmware is installed, a green line is shown.
- improvements in video/audio playback
- rooted by default
- built by timingpower.com

Rockchip BatchTool_v1.8.zip
Dick Chan,
Apr 2, 2015, 3:42 AM