RK3066 Support


Firmware Update (2013-03-20)

1. Copy the update.img into a micro SD card.
2. Boot mini PC with micro SD Card inserted.
3. You will be asked by the system to confirm the update.
4. Confirm the update, the system will be refreshed and reboot.
5. Take out the micro SD card when you are asked to delete the file update.img.
1.    Display the system files size and internal storage in additional NAND/User storage size.
2.    Enable the USB Ethernet driver.
3.    Fixed the issue of crash under intensive 3D graph.



(Warning: You should do this recovery procedure only when Android mini PC can't be booted up and crashs, otherwise you should do the firmware update only.)


The following files are for the recovery procedures. You should read the Recovery Procedure of Android mini PC RK3066.pdf and watch the videos, then download the RK Recovery Tool.zip and firmware file above.

The recovery tool and driver have been updated to the latest version. 

For 8g version, the recovery need one more tool, please refer to RK30DevelopTool.


If you have any issue on this procedure, please feel free to contact me at dickhfchan@timingpower.com .

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